Below is a list of guides to assist you, the taxpayer. Click on the link to view a particular guide.

    Registering & Logging On

  • Registering for OkTAP
  • To register your account with OkTAP you will need the following information:

    • Account ID: This is a 13 character account ID assigned to OTC business accounts located on correspondence from the OTC regarding any of the accounts listed on the above guide.
    • Federal Tax Identification Number:
      • SSN for sole proprietors
      • FEIN for businesses
    • Email Address: A valid email address is required to receive an email confirmation of your registration and an authorization code to use when you login for the first time.
    • Zip Code: The zip code on file with the OTC for the tax account you are registering.

  • Logging on to OkTAP
  • If logging on to OkTAP for the first time after registering, you will need the authorization code that was emailed to you.

    Business Registration

  • Business Application
  • Register your business in the state of Oklahoma, register for withholding tax, add a license or permit, or add a new retail site to your permit account.

  • Complete a Withholding Application
  • Did your business receive a letter requesting that a withholding application be completed? Here's how to complete the application now.

    Navigating Within OkTAP

  • Basic Navigation in TAP
  • A guide to understanding what you will see in your OkTAP account.

    Returns and Payments

  • Filing Returns and Making Payments
  • Guide to the basics of filing a return and making a payment.

  • Make an Online Payment

  • Make a Use Tax Payment
  • How to make a payment, if you owe use tax in Oklahoma and are not required to have a permit.

    Bulk Filers

  • Withholding Bulk Return Filing
  • How to register, log in, and bulk file withholding returns.

    Third Party Access

  • Third Party Access on OkTAP
  • How to register for third party access.

    Coin-Operated Device Decals

  • Order Coin-Op Device Decals
  • How to order coin-operated device decals on OkTAP.

    Agriculture Exemption

  • Applying for an Agriculture Exemption Permit
  • How to apply for, renew, or cease an agriculture exemption permit.


  • Canceling Online Access
  • Need to cancel your online access? Here's a guide to help you.

    More Help

  • OkTAP FAQ's
  • Have specific questions or need more technical answers?

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